Krysten Regular

Hello, my name is Krysten Regular I graduated with a bachelor from University of Kings College, then St. Thomas University. My studies at St. Thomas University brought me to Fredericton in 2017. While studying in University I worked in Child Care. I began pursuing my passion in teaching at this time.Prior to moving to Fredericton I lived in Ontario working for Official Princess Parties of Ontario. I would preform as a Disney Princess, singing and acting for all age groups. Singing, dancing and acting have always been a true passion especially incorporating song and dance to children. I studied many years at Neptune Theatre in Halifax training through Y.Pco. I believe nature is our greatest playground, and learning through play is best. I have had the pleasure to work in Early Childhood Education for almost 5 years, and look forward to many more years to come! In my free time you can find me on a local hiking trail with my family, 2 dogs a black lab and husky. I love the ocean, travelling and music.